Freight Drive Business Park

Whether buying or investing in a commercial property, purchasers typically consider factors such as security, features and amenities, site access, and affordability to be of paramount importance. Freight Drive Business Park provides each of these features and more. With up-to-date facilities, we offer a secure, cost-effective, central location for receiving, storing and distributing products, allowing you to vastly improve supply chain operations and increase your corporate exposure.

Freight Drive Business Park was first conceived in 2013 to capitalize on the relocation of the wholesale fruit and vegetable market from Footscray to its new Epping location. With hundreds of businesses operating out of this location, our warehouses takes into account the market’s core trading activity and provides purchasers with a cost effective alternative to the Melbourne Market.

Our proximity to the Melbourne Market means that businesses can not only save time navigating their way through chaotic traffic during the early hours of the morning, but they can significantly reduce labour and transport costs.

Business solutions well designed

For those looking for a way to meet the challenges of a competitive workforce, seeking to improve networking opportunities, or a place to set up shop with minimal investment, look no further than Freight Drive Business Park, in Melbourne.

Available Now

Freight Drive Business Park consists of 30 state-of-the-art warehouses, all with modern office space, ample car parking, and a range of features and amenities for those wanting to be part of a booming business community.

  • Custom building for early purchasers;
  • Lots and Warehouses available for immediate purchase;
  • Ideal for fruit and vegetable vendors, as we provide:
    • Three-phase electric power, suitable for preventing food spoilage for vendors;
    • Ease of access and movement within the business precinct;
    • insulated cool rooms available;
    • mezzanine level and or ground floor offices spaces;
  • Provision of visitor and staff parking;
  • Provision for business signage for each warehouse to allow easy detection for deliveries and customers.

Customization is available for 26*: contact us to see the options.

Warehouses 27,28 and 29 come fitted with cool rooms.*

Warehouses 27, 28 29 and 30 have Solar.*

* Option for cool rooms and solar for other warehouses at additional cost.

99 – 979 sqm.



Given its close proximity to Epping Plaza, Bunnings Trade centre and various cafes and convenience stores, Freight Drive business park offers a variety of shopping options to help your business.


Freight Drive Business Park was first conceived in 2013 to capitalize on the relocation of the wholesale fruit and vegetable market from Footscray to its new Epping location. Our proximity to the Melbourne Market and various other business centres make us an ideal location for a wide variety of businesses and individuals.


Freight Drive business park provides its occupiers a more functional, aesthetically pleasing, efficient and sustainable workspace, through the convenience of various features and amenities.
Visit The Location

Based in the heart of Somerton, Freight Drive is conveniently located 21km from the CBD, and a stone’s throw away from the Melbourne Fruit and Vegetable Market. With its wide streets, ample parking space and exceptional warehouse & office facilities, Freight Drive Business Park is situated amongst a thriving industrial and business suburb.

  • Epping Plaza & Northern Hospital: 5km.
  • Melbourne Market: 4km.
  • Biodiversity Business Park: 2.8km.
  • Northpoint Enterprise Park: 4km.
  • Alliance Business Park: 4.2km.
  • Roxburgh Park Shopping: 3.5km.
  • Airport: 18km.
  • Melbourne CBD: 30km.

Meet The Team

Danielle Tadi

Executive, Industrial Services Victoria, JLL

Danielle Tadi has worked in Melbourne’s CBD and Suburban residential marketplace for over 4 years in both established and off plan projects. Danielle has specialised in working with and maintaining relationships with owner occupiers, investors, developers and third party agencies nationally and across Asia pacific. Danielle has recently joined the industrial team and brings with her extensive sales experience.

Anthony Cannizzaro

Executive, Industrial Services Victoria, JLL

Anthony has worked exclusively in Melbourne’s northern industrial marketplace building a strong relationship with all the major developers, tenants and owner occupiers in the precinct, having worked with both institutional and private clients. He has a great understanding of the northern industrial market and brings great knowledge of the area.